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Bei findet sich der Blackwing 602 schrijfpotlood met gum, der im Newsletter als Hemingsways Stift angepriesen wird:

[…] We proudly present BLACKWING 602, the super smooth pencil that Hemingway loved to write with. A perfect match for MOLESKINE, Hemingway’s favourite notebook! […]

Klar, Hemingway + Schreiben = Moleskine. Unglaublich, wie diese Geschichte viral wurde. Interessanterweise hat der Stift sogar einen umfangreichen eigenen Wikipedia Eintrag:

[…] The Blackwing 602 is a discontinued model of pencil that has developed a cult following as „the best pencil ever made“. It was produced by the Eberhard Faber company until 1998. […] It was a very soft pencil with wax addition to the lead, and has been advertised as requiring only half of the usual physical effort to produce the marking. […] In October 2010, Cal Cedar Pencil Company released the Palomino Blackwing,[8] a tribute to the original Eberhart Faber Blackwing 602. […]

Eine ausführliche Rezension auf Deutsch aus dem Jahr 2010 findet ihr bei der Bleistiftreferenz der deutschen Blogosphäre, dem Lexikaliker.

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Im Shop von the party dress findet sich ein Artikel, der Partylöwen begeistern könnte: das Party Planning Worksheet Notepad:

[…] Here at WH Hostess, we aim to plan parties in a stylish and organized manner. We created a custom party planning worksheet to help you keep your party details straight, all while looking cute! These worksheets are now offered in a 8.5″x11″ notepad, and can be personalized with your name. […]

Beim Party Planning Notepad – Grey Stripe & Green für 26 USD heißt es:

[…] party planning worksheet to help you keep your party details straight, all while looking cute! There is a section for you basic details (occasion, date, time, location), as well as areas to create your guest list, write down your ideas for stationery, decorations, activities, food & drink, and party favors.

Der Notizblock hat 53 Seiten und ist auch in anderen Farbvarianten erhältlich.

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