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Das Kickstarter Projekt Palm Republik: From Palm Waste to Paper will Abfälle, die bei der Palmölproduktion entstehen, zu Papier verarbeiten und daraus Notizbücher herstellen:

[…] Sustainable stationery products made from tree-free paper that is derived from the biomass waste of palm oil production […] Palm Republik (the Malay spelling of republic) is my desire as well as vision to create a line of notebooks and stationery paper products that are environmentally friendly, use a minimal design aesthetic – along with a dash of personality – while simultaneously introducing to the world a great new sustainable tree-free paper called palm paper which was recently developed here in my home country, Malaysia. My project is to create and produce a small line of softcover notebooks which will come in three different sizes along with a hardcover journal, poster prints, note cards, bookmarks, and gift tags. […]

Ab 25 USD seid ihr dabei – und der weltweite Versand ist im Preis schon drin! Das Projekt kommt aus Malaysia und könnte zum Zeitpunkt dieses Artikels noch etwas Unterstützung gebrauchen.

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