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Das Fountain-Peen-Geeks-Blog berichtete neulich über einen außergewöhnlichen Moleskine-Hack. Wie ihr im Bild sehen könnt, wurde das Moleskine zu einem Stifthalter umfunktioniert:


However, I did come across one of the coolest uses for a notebook I’ve ever seen: a case that holds your writing instruments in a vertical orientation. This would allow very easy access in a backpack, purse, or messenger bag. It does involve chopping up your notebook and making it completely unusable as its intended purpose, but then it wouldn’t really be a hack otherwise. While I would never think about doing this to my Star Wars Moleskine I would do it if I received a regular Moleskine as a gift. What about you? Anyone eager to slice and dice one of their Moleskines?



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