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Anfang Februar schickte mir Benedikt von eine Mail und machte mich auf die indiegogo Kampagne aufmerksam, mit der das verrückte Notizbuch finanziert werden soll: 

[…] mumu it sounds funny, but it is beautiful! […] mumu is a colorful, clever, fair & eco-effective notebook and sketchbook! Various color combinations just make life more fun and the minimal design […]
Regional production in a socially-oriented organization (sheltered Workshop) in Berlin and carefully selected materials are just two of many reasons why we are starting very well. […] We also think of the neighborhood (figuratively)! 1 € per notebook will be reinvested into cultural projects, cradle to cradle education and the eco & fairness improvement of mumu. We will be absolutely transparent by showing you how we use your financial superpower in order to achieve our goals! […]

Die Kampagne kann noch etwas Unterstützung gebrauchen. Ihr solltet also unbedingt mal einen Blick auf die Seite werfen.



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