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Über einen Tweet von @pennewseditor fand ich die schönen Notizbücher von Nomad Notebooks. Die Macher schreiben über sich und ihre Idee:

[…] As graphic designers we sketch ideas every day on sticky notes, random pieces of paper and even napkins. Most of our ideas start with pencil or pen touching paper and at the end of the day we end up with a mixed up mess of paper. We love sketchbooks as much as the next person, but what we liked was having different surfaces where we could explore our ideas. […]. We wanted something that was mixed up like the papers we had at the end of so many of our days that were filled with brainstorming ideas for logos, products, web sites and sketching anything in our wild imaginations could dream up. We decided to make it ourselves. […]

Der Shop kann sich sehen lassen und ich empfehle, der Seite einen Besuch abzustatten.

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