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Lorraine Loots malt 365 Tage lang jeden Tag ein Miniaturbild auf eine Postkarte:

[…] 365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project started on 1 January 2013, which involved me creating a miniature painting every single day for the entire year.
In celebration of our city’s designation as World Design Capital 2014, I’ve decided to do it all over again, and this time all the paintings will be Cape Town themed. In addition to the original framed painting, there will also be a limited range of 5 „postcards“ (archival art prints of the daily paintings) for sale. […]

Auf ihrer tumblr Seite seht ihr einige der bereits gemalten Motive. In folgenden vimeo Video seht ihr Lorraine im Interview.

365 Paintings for Ants with Lorraine Loots from Gareth Pon on Vimeo.

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junk-culture.com berichtete über die Little Press, eine Miniatur Letter Press Maschine:

[…] Copenhagen-based designer Ishac Bertran built this ingenious miniature letterpress, using only leftover material from his previous projects. Three blocks of wood, a couple of brass rods and a some parts from an old radio cassette player ultimately determined the shape of the device. […]

Bei Junk Culture findet ihr auch faszinierende Fotos und bei vimeo dieses Video:

Little Press from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.

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