• Fantastic idea to help people without regular access to electricity: nowlight – https://t.co/1w6ly40yRx – this is the successor of the famous GravityLight Link zum Tweet
  • Kollege hat sich auf meinen Rat hin ein @X17_Notebooks A4+ gekauft und ist sehr begeistert https://t.co/kPeTrkP2qP Link zum Tweet
  • Time Since Launch – The Latest From CW&T. Pull The Pin And Start The Clock… Time Since Launch Is A Single-use, … https://t.co/WVB4ZRDJSO – count how long you use a notebook Link zum Tweet
  • Poll result: Paper vs electronic planning – https://t.co/msuqCaWEja via @QuoVadisBlog Link zum Tweet
  • Greehouse Pop Up Card – https://t.co/8PeVpKFtcR Link zum Tweet
  • Poppin Sticky Memo Ball – A Dodecahedron Of Sticky Notes Designed In Partnership With Afifi Ishak For Metaproject, – https://t.co/bYkbc4WyOL Link zum Tweet
  • Papercuts – A Unique Set Of Playing Cards, Crafted By Hand, Through The Delicate Art Of Paper Cutting By Suzy Taylor. – https://t.co/MCjdqD1L3I Link zum Tweet
  • Sony’s 10-inch digital paper tablet is an ultra-expensive Moleskine replacement https://t.co/OydKZPkpsK Link zum Tweet

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