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Bei designmilk fand ich die schönen „Notification Memo“ Haftnotizen von big bigpixel:

[…] With our Notification Memo, you could now leave a message anywhere you want. Just write on the back and stick it on. Made with 100 gram paper with removable adhesive glue on the back , total 135 page of continuous notification no 1-9. […]

10 USD kostet ein Stapel. Versandkosten kommen noch dazu. Dafür wird aber weltweit versendet.

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COLOURFUL: A Letterpress Desk Calendar ist ein Kickstarter-Projekt das euch gefallen könnte:

[…] COLOURFUL is a 2014 Letterpress Desk Calendar that is printed with a 50-year-old vintage platen press. It’s printed on 100% cotton, extra thick card stock. Our 100% cotton card stock is made from textile scraps, making it a tree-free eco-friendly product. Each month has a unique design, so you’ll never tire of them. Each printed piece goes through the press twice, once for each color. The corners are then rounded with a manual die cutting machine. The calendar includes a handmade wooden stand that can be re-used for years to come. […]

Für das Projekt gibt es auch eine schöne Webseite.

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