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Moleskine ist immer wieder für ausgefallene Limited Editions bekannt. In den letzten Tagen sorgte Moleskine ja auch anderweitig für Schlagzeilen, wie euch Christian berichtet hat.


Seit Anfang September gibt es eine Star Wars – Notizbuchausgabe, in Form einer Limited Edition für Star Wars-Fans. In der Pressemitteilung von Moleskine heißt es dazu:


In 1977, Star Wars re-imagined cinema and established a new visual vocabulary, leaving an enduring mark on popular culture. Star Wars tells a story both mythic and modern by blending multiple film genres including: comedy, romance, adventure, and fantasy. Innovative special effects and groundbreaking imagery inspired by comics, robotics, the space opera mythology, and romanticism combined to create an iconic visual vocabulary that continues to inspire nearly 35 years later. [….]
Moleskine, the heir of the legendary notebooks used by avant gard artists and thinkers of the past two centuries, likes to play with genres and with icons of pop culture. The Moleskine Star Wars limited edition notebook collection was made possible through a collaboration with Lucasfilm, the film production company founded in 1971 by George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars Saga. Available in pocket and large size, with plain and ruled layouts, the collection bears on the iconic Moleskine black covers either the world famous image of the jump into hyperspace, with a stretched starfield, or the famous Star Wars title crawl, with letters seen floating in space in foreshortening perspective. The paper band and inside cover reproduce famous scenes from the saga.

Each Star Wars limited edition notebook comes with a reproduction of the original Hildebrandt Star Wars art, tucked into the Moleskine inner pocket. The illustration was created by the Brothers Hildebrandt.


Bestellen könnt ihr die Limited Edition im  Online Shop  ThePapeterie.


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