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Bei Moleskine gibt es Neuigkeiten. Zum einen gibt es eine neue „Art Plus Collection“:

[…] Art Plus Collection there are 25 specially designed notebooks to choose from. Varying according to paper weight and absorbency as well as dimensions, cover material and paper layout, read on to find the solution to your creative need. […]

Zum anderen gibt es jetzt Soft Cover Notebooks:

[…] Our new line of notebooks appeal to your soft spot. Flexible and playful, their soft covers can be molded and folded any way you want […] Three new colours: Orchid Purple, Khaki Beige and Underwater Blue. Brand new page layout: dotted. That’s right; the same ivory-coloured pages with rounded corners, just speckled with a dotted grid perfect for spontaneous notes and bright ideas. Three sizes: pocket, large and XL. […]

Zur Art Plus Collection gibt es auch das passende Video.

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Diesen wichtigen Ratschlag, wie man das Notizbuch als Gedankenstütze nutzen kann, fand ich bei Twitter @bot_this. Autor des Merkspruchs ist Heinz Erhardt :-)

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